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Bad dating habits that keep you single

Bad dating habits that keep you single

If you are still single at this point, you may have spent time wondering why until now, you have not yet met the person of your dreams. It is quite easy to look for excuses, with the blame usually put on other people, or the situation. Rather than passing the blame on everyone or everything else, at times, the best reason for being single is just closer to home.

People are the ones responsible most times, even though we may not be aware of it. There are some bad dating habits that keep you single. The problem here is not being fully aware of those dating habits. As such, until you have determined what they are, you are most likely to be single still, or even have several unsuccessful dates.

Mistakes to Avoid

Comparing new relationships and new partners with your past ones can turn out to be the biggest mistake that you can ever make. It is very important to keep in mind that past experiences ended for a good reason. Therefore, they could not have been as perfect as you had thought it was. As such, wanting your new relationship to be similar as the one you had may only end up with a disaster. Why not let go of the past and move on to a new chapter in your life?

Everybody is different. This very reason makes dating new individuals really exciting. Attempting to mould a potential new partner to be like your ex is not a great idea after all, Why not look at it from a different angle. For one, it is unfair to your new partner if you always compare him or her with your ex. Regardless whether they know about it or not, they will never be the same as your ex as they are most likely equipped with a unique personality. Rather than changing the person, why not identify painful experiences in the past and work your best to avoid the experiences instead?

However, it is also important to remember something at this point. Most singles only remember the negative experiences from their past relationships. For this, they have learned, unintentionally, to associate those experiences with relationships and dating, in general. If you always think about those difficult times, the sadness and the hurt you felt with your past experiences, you will not likely be able to move on and enjoy life with your new partner.

Reality dictates that desperation is often the main reason for staying single. The feeling of being pressured, as time is already running out, can get the best out of you. Allowing these things to play inside your head is not healthy at all. Why not be open with dating and meeting new people? This will be your first step in meeting a potential partner in life.

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