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Bragging is the online dating mistake you don't want to make

We all know that to be a success with online dating you have to showcase your highest qualities, brag a wee bit and show yourself in the best light possible.

Not so according to a new study published by Communication Monographs, who say that bragging on your online profile won't actually get you the dates you hope for. The study suggests that people should spend their energies portraying honesty and approachability if they want to achieve a long lasting relationship.

Researchers Andrew C. High and Crystal D. Wotipka from the University of Iowa surveyed a total of 316 men and women aged between 18 and 77 who have used online dating sites. The participants were told to imagine they were looking on a dating website for a new partner regardless of whether they were single or not.

Fake dating profiles were shown to them with different levels of Selective Self-Presentation (or SSP) and "warranting." For those of us who are not familiar with the SSP term and that would be just about everybody, SSP is about highlighting your most attractive qualities. Warranting turns out to be backing up your claims by providing external evidence such as links to external websites such as a professional biography page or a blog to which they regularly contribute.

Once the participants had viewed the fake profiles they were asked to rate the fictitious individuals with questions such as "social attraction and trust" "desire to date" and what the "likelihood of making contact" would be.

The researchers found that the profiles that ranked with the highest SSP were least likely to receive a high rating for social attraction. Warranting which is associated with appearing more trustworthy in reality, made the daters with a high SSP profile appear to be more arrogant and reduced the participants wish to get in contact with that person. The study has conclude that if you indulge in more bragging, even if you are that stylish and adept in real life it does not mean that it will guarantee you more dating success.

To achieve the best from your online dating experience it's suggested that you present yourself as a modest, "real" person say the authors of the study. It may be fun presenting yourself as an ideal partner when online dating it's also worth remembering that a little modesty will do you more good.

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