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Common mistakes to avoid if you want to date like a pro.

Trying online dating for the first time? Here's the common mistakes to avoid if you want date like a pro.

Everybody makes mistakes it's only natural but there are some mistakes you could be making that you didn't even know about. The common mistakes online daters are making could be jeopardizing their chances of finding the ideal soulmate before they even start. Follow our simple dating guide and you will be dating like a pro.

Get in there don't hang about

Most people are nervous about meeting new people for the first time. Maybe you are a bit shy or reserved or scared of being hurt from a relationship. These are some of the reasons people give for not giving online dating a try. Some people prefer to play it safe and go for the easy option of settling for the first date that comes along. If you have aspirations for something a little more from your potential date then you need to get out of your comfort zone. Up your game a bit and have some fun, go for the date you don't think you have a chance with and get yourself out of that nice rut you have set yourself in. When you bag the person of your dreams you will be glad you made that little extra effort.

Get you profile to stand out from the crowd

So you scroll through the profiles and one after another they include the same old boring info that's if they have been bothered to write anything in the first place. To get attention online you need to put the effort in and complete all the sections of your profile. The more work you put in the more success you'll get back in return. Keep away from the boring interests and add some unique and interesting facts about yourself. An online profile is a bit like a job CV you need to sell yourself to a potential date so write something that will make people stop and want to find out more about you.

Don't exaggerate or lie on your profile

The one thing you should never do online is to lie. For one thing you are deceiving the person reading it and secondly you will be found out in the long run. We would all like to be more exciting, be slimmer or more youthful than we really are. As the saying goes "it will all end in tears" when the truth is finally revealed and explaining the lies can be the downfall of many a good relationship. You will have many great qualities to bring to a relationship without having to lie if you are stuck for what to write about yourself then get a friend who knows you best to tell you all the good things about you. Don't try to be something that you are not.

Your date won't knock on your door without some help

Online dating is just the same as any other form of dating such as going to clubs and bars, blind dates and speed dating. Dating takes time and energy and the right attitude to make it work for you. If you go out with a few people and can't find the right one then don't get disheartened it's thought that it takes on average around 10 dates before you find the right person for you. The name of the game is not to give up and walk away but to keep trying and know that the process will take some time and you will get some knocks and bruises along the way. Ask more people out and if it leads to nothing you will have at least had some good nights out to look back on.

Mix it up a bit and go for something slightly different

Most people whether they like it or not have what's called a "Type". We have built within us a vision of what we like and the person we desire to be with. Sometimes finding that ideal person can be the reason that's holding you back in the dating game. Finding the ideal person may not be achievable even with so many options available with online dating sites. Sometimes it might be easier to think about looking at dates that fall out of your "idea" category.

Somebody that's a bit shorter or a blond instead of a brunette makes very little difference and they could just turn out to be your ideal soulmate that you would otherwise have overlooked. Most dates are not perfect and you will never know what they are like as a person unless you give them a chance and meet them.

Make sure that you're compatible

Just going for looks alone is not going to give you the ideal date. There are many other factors to take into account when trying to find somebody to settle down with and spend the rest of your lives together. Characteristics such as people's height, weight, fashion, style and income are important but they are not the only factors you should be researching. Find out what they are looking for in a relationship and see if you would fit in with what they are seeking. There's no point wasting your time on contacting dates that you will probably not get a response from.

Don't jump before you can leap

The saying "Love at first sight" is a wonderful thing if it happens but it doesn't happen very often. Most people find they need to get to know somebody fully before they can start trusting and committing. Failing to adhere to this principle can lead to heartache if you don't fully know the other persons intentions. Take things slowly and use that time to truly get to know somebody as unfortunately there are a few deceitful people out there and you need to ensure that you protect yourself.

Don't give up the fight

Online dating doesn't always go smoothly you may find a few hiccups along the path. The mistake people make is to abandon all hope and walk away from it after having a bad experience or not matches. To be a success with online dating you need to keep going as it takes time to find the true love you're looking for. Make sure that you invest your time and energy wisely as the more effort you put into it the more you will get out of it.

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