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Young man sat on a park bench with flowers sadly waiting for his girlfriend who has not shown up.

Could this be why you are still single?

Are you single and wondering why all the friends around you have found dates and you are still struggling to meet somebody right? Researchers have been delving into some of the reasons that people find it difficult to achieve love and suggest ways that you can fix it.

We reveal that having a "type" to posting cryptic messages on social websites or being too picky could be holding you back when it comes to finding true love.

Social media let down

You may be an up to date person with news and current affairs but posting your political views online and showing your take on topics such as Brexit will have a negative impact on any potential date that has opposing views to yours. Try to avoid broadcasting your views as they can instantly turn off that man or woman of your dreams before they have even had chance to meet or chat with you.

Posting cryptic messages such as "My whole life is just one rollercoaster." This post serves nothing but to inform any potential date to be wary that it could lead to a relationship that could end up being a nightmare.

The selfi dilema

Posting too many selfies also throws up red flags to a potential partner it suggests that you are more self-important and self-loving and should be avoided at all costs. Would you want to date somebody that is more interested in getting the perfect selfie shot while out on a date than the actual date itself.

Your dating attitude

Your attitude towards dating can also have a negative impact on potential partners. Some people go around with the "Woe is me attitude" when they are chatting to friends and family about how they are still single and can't find a date. This attitude only gets worse as the person gets older and this can intensify the situation giving potential daters a reason to steer clear. You will find it very hard to find a new partner if you're going round feeling sorry for yourself all the time.

You're far too picky

At one time dating was easy, you met a co-worker or the friend of a friend or someone that you met in a bar or coffee shop. Today the internet has expanded our social circle and we now have thousands of potential dates to choose from online. The internet is to blame for people being too picky as we have gone from just a handful of potential dates in our local town to a choice of hundreds of thousands online.

Online you can be chatting to a potential date and thinking it's all going so well but in the back of your mind you are thinking that there are so many more profiles to check out how can you commit to this one. Why move this relationship to the next level and go out on a date when the math's is telling you that you are more likely to find a better fit with just a few taps on the keyboard. The way to get over this is to recognize you are being too picky and consciously decide to stop it. Concentrate on finding a date that will make you happy today and not keep looking to what might be available in the future.

I'm looking for "my type"

Many dating experts refer to dating as like being at a buffet, you need to sample everything on the menu to discover what you like. When looking for a potential partner we often look at the surface level physical characteristics and personality traits. It's only when we date somebody that we actually discover the under the surface characteristics that really inform us if this date is the right person for us. Try moving out of your comfort zone and date people you wouldn't normally go for. Discover a personality that you wouldn't have experienced before. Date a person that is 2 inches taller or has different coloured hair and you just might find your dream date. From this exercise you will at least achieve a better understanding of what you're looking for in a partner.

Let the ex go

leaving a relationship can be hard especially if it was a long term one but still keeping a connection to the ex will definitely hurt any future relationships you may want to embark upon. There are some conscious changes that an ex can cause such as staying away from dates that remind you of them, not attending locations that you both frequented as well as unconscious changes that you may not have noticed.

This is totally normal as we are creatures of habit and these are what make us human beings. However these unconscious changes can become an issue when they are stopping us from meeting new people and forming new relationships.

If this is your issue you need to end your feelings for the past relationship before you can embark on a new one. In certain circumstances a new love in your life will make a break-up easier to manage but it's uncommon and it's not fair for the new partner. Break up's are only between the two people involved and you need to totally disengage from that relationship before you can move on.

To find that special person to spend the rest of your life with you need to expand your experiences and meet new and interesting people. Move out of your comfort zone and say yes when new people come along to improve your chances of finding "the one." Practice rolling the dice more and you never know you may well hit the jackpot.

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