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What to wear on a first date to make a good impression

What to wear on a first date to make a good impression

First dates are usually nerve wrecking for many people. You certainly want to impress, right? Impressions last, and they are everything. The thing is, there are no fast, and safe rules that you need to follow when selecting clothing but there are some tips that you can take into consideration when it comes to choosing what's best for the first date.

Guy trying to attract the attention of a girl that's not interested in him.

Tell tale signs they are not into you

There is nothing more disappointed than dating someone who may seem interested but really are not. A lot of men, and women, alike, have been there! You are not alone. However, by identifying some tell tale signs that they are not into you, you can spare yourself from disappointment and heartache.

Couple sat together with body language showing they are not very happy and bored.

What your body language says when meeting a date?

The truth is that your body is giving up way more information than you realise and if a person is well aware of this he or she could use that to their advantage. Non-verbal communication isn't a hokum. This is a well-established scientific psychological, behavioural pattern that is studied by a lot of renowned professionals.

Young man casually asking a young lady to go out on a date with him.

How to ask someone on a date - the right way

If you are looking for a relationship, then you must act, and although asking someone on a date can be quite intimidating, you have to overcome the fear of rejection. Thankfully, once you understand the right way and time to do it, you will gain confidence and everything will go smoothly and naturally.

Woman at a bar meeting a young man for a date.

What women want from a relationship

Men are quick to judge how hard it is to understand women. However, by paying attention, observing and learning, we will be able to notice consistencies and allow us to better understand the things that women want especially in a relationship.

Couple on blind date sat on a sofa dating with their faces covered with boxes.

Blind dates - meet the stranger

Blind dates are generally a lot of fun, but they can also be disastrous. However, if you are well prepared and have chosen to meet in public, then there are a few things you need to consider as you go to meet the stranger. Here are a few tips to help make your blind date amazing.

Happy couple of different ages in love posing near the beach.

Do age gaps really matter in dating?

Nowadays, both men and women are dating freely across wide age gaps without any issues. However, some still wonder whether it is okay to date someone either younger or older than them or they are just better off going out with someone of the same age.

Man and woman sat on a sofa saving money into a pink piggy bank.

Dating on a budget in the 21st Century

Planning a date with a low budget. Keep calm, it is the 21st century, and there are ways to date on a budget by spending quality time. The issue is not money saving, but to be mysterious, fun and creative, those are the challenges one should overcome to keep the interest constant and get her enchanted.

Young man not realising he is being admired by two young ladies.

How you can be great at dating

If you're spending all your hard earned money, time and energy trying to find a really cool partner to spend those long cosy nights at home with. Isn't there a better easier way to find love online? Well there is and thousands of unlucky subjects were studied to find out all the dating mistakes they have made so that you don't have to.

Young couple on a date having a drink together and browsing on a smartphone.

Online dating safety advice tips

Online dating can be a safer experience than traditional dating. It gives you a wider scope of choice and you can remain at a distance until you are ready to meet. If you've never tried it before or if you are worried by any stories you may have heard, here are a few of our tips to get you dating online safely.

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