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The second date - success tips

The second date - success tips

Now that you have already gone on a first date, where you sparked something off, it is time to start planning for the second meeting. During the second date, both parties will want to learn more about each other.

Couple spending some quality time together on a date at the movies.

Secrets in building a lasting relationship

Relationships, even those that have been through a lot of trials still need constant work, nurturing and attention. This is just the initial phase of building a lasting relationship. You also need to make time, have respect and best of all have fun in this journey.

Man preparing some questions on a notepad for a pending first date.

Prepare for those first date questions

Dates, especially first dates, can be really awkward. However, there is no need to worry about this experience as long as you equip yourself with all of the needed preparations beforehand. A premade question list will allow you to have some good conversation starters during the date.

Happy young couple posing for a selfie on a smartphone.

Don't always go for the same model when dating

Do you have a type? if you do - you are most certainly not the only one. Often men and women are going to create this fabulous and perfect image of their ideal soul mate. Take a step out of your comfort zone and date someone who isn't your particular type.

Happy man checking out his apperance and taking a selfie on his smartphone.

Physical attraction - looks do count

Have you ever heard of the phrase "love at first sight"? Doesn't that sound a bit ludicrous to you? Well, while the majority of people would believe that inner beauty is all that matters, the reality is far from that.

Couple in love in a swimming pool on holiday having a romantic drink together.

Can a holiday romance last?

The majority of people don't even attempt to develop their holiday romance into something more. However, what if you are in love, and you've never met a more fascinating person in your life? Should you just try to forget about the whole experience and move on?

Single dad with young son looking on laptop at internet dating websites.

Getting back into dating for single parents

From finding the perfect time to searching for the right dating partner, dating for the single parents may serve as an overwhelming experience. The rules for dating has significantly changed. Single parents need to consider an optimum family life balance.

Man and woman out on a date dancing in a local bar.

Best places to meet new people when dating

Meeting new people today has changed a lot from what it was before the inception of the internet and the numerous dating sites therein. Even so you still have a number of options to consider when it comes to meeting new people in a real life social setting.

Young man sat on a park bench with flowers sadly waiting for his girlfriend who has not shown up.

Could this be why you are still single?

Are you single and wondering why all the friends around you have found dates and you are still struggling to meet somebody right? Researchers have been delving into some of the reasons that people find it difficult to achieve love and suggest ways that you can fix it.

Guy sat on a luxury yacht smiling and bragging off.

Bragging is the online dating mistake you don't want to make

We all know that to be a success with online dating you have to showcase your highest qualities, brag a wee bit and show yourself in the best light possible. Not so according to a new study that says bragging on your profile won't actually get you the dates you hope for.

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