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Notepad with dating terms

Dating terms you might not have heard of and what they mean

Just when we all thought we had got our heads around 'Sexting' along comes a raft of new dating terms to confuse and bamboozle us in our quest for love. Here's our guide to Ghosting, cuffing season, DTR, FBO, Tuning, Thirst trap and many more.

 Man trying to attract the attention of a lady who's not interested.

How do you make somebody fall in love with you?

Unfortunately heading to the swamps of Outa Mongolia to pick up a love potion is not the option. Besides the fact that love potions don't exist we have found a few tricks that you might want to put into action to bag that special person.

Young handsom man shaving in the mirror in a bathroom

New study reveals that nearly 50% of women are turned off by men who look like this.

So what exactly is it that women are attracted to? most men believe that a tidy grooming ritual will attract the single ladies. In reality it's a specific area of the male body that women hate to see men tidying. What is this area we hear you cry? It's not what you're thinking.

girl meassaging a potential new date on her laptop

Our Simple guide to being a Marvellous Messenger

Messaging somebody you don't know can be a very daunting task but you have to do it to meet somebody new. Here's our guide to help you along the way to become a Marvellous Messenger.

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