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Young couple in love spending a date in the park having a picnic.

Fun things to do during a date

It is important to note that although the occasional movie or dinner date may seem enough, diversifying a bit may have excellent results. By exploring some fun things to do with your partner, you get to discover new things about them while having a great time out.

Couple sat on a sofa on a first date feeling and looking all nervous together.

How to overcome first date nerves

Nearly everyone gets anxious before dates, particularly if you are shy or nervous about interacting with people. However, if you prepare well and find out how to overcome first date nerves, then you have a chance of actually enjoying your dating life.

Couple in love playing and having fun together at home.

People that play together will stay together - how to improve your relationship

It is true that couples that enjoy jointly-shared playing activities considerably improve satisfaction in the relationship. Playing together is what will improve your relationship and give some energy into otherwise normal days.

Young couple making eye contact whilst on a date in a restaurant.

Dating essentials - making eye contact

Even when you are interested in someone, it can be quite a challenge to get the courage to approach them and strike up a conversation. However, you can use eye contact attraction to gauge the level of interest the person who has caught your eye has in you.

Boy student giving his girlfriend a big bunch of red roses out in the sunshine.

Best ways to make a good first impression during the first date

On a first date men always want to give a good first impression; unfortunately, because they are thinking too much about how they will act and too conscious about how they look, they end up doing the opposite. In the end, getting that great first impression is basically just common sense.

Man sat in a pub with a man bun drinking a lager and looking at his smartphone.

Thinking of growing a Man Bun? Think twice if you want to find love online

If you are thinking of getting a man bun or currently have one then new research suggests that it may be time to drop the idea and move on. Research suggests that this hairstyle is the least desirable attribute when it comes to men's dating profile pictures.

Man and woman out on a date deciding who is going to pay the bill.

Ten top tips NOT to do on a first date

First dates are always the worse part of a new relationship and you don't want to go and blow it by doing or saying the wrong things, especially if you want to see them again. Here's our tips from discussing too much about sex, talking politics, getting drunk to asking women to foot the bill.

Man and woman at home trying to have a romantic night in watchin a movie - guy has fallen asleep.

Be romantic and keep the flame alive with these simple yet effective gestures

Being romantic not only when you are dating someone, but also when your relationship actually has begun is extremely important. The following gestures are simple, but can really help you be more romantic, make your loved one happier and enhance your relationship.

Happy young couple out on first date in a restaurant.

What not to say or do on a first date

First dates can be a nerve-racking experience but are absolutely crucial, and if you manage to impress your companion, you will certainly be able to clinch a second date. That is why it is important to understand what not to do and say in order to relax and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Man and woman out on a date at a bowing alley haveing some fun bowling together.

Best date night ideas for a great night out

If you want to make an impression and keep your companion fascinated instead of fatigued, then you must do something more creative. In the following post, we are going to discuss a few ideas that will impress your date and make the experience memorable.

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