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Young couple making eye contact whilst on a date in a restaurant.

Dating essentials - making eye contact

Even when you are interested in someone, it can be quite a challenge to get the courage to approach them and strike up a conversation. This is due to the fact that you are unsure of whether they are also interested. However, you can use eye contact attraction to gauge the level of interest the person who has caught your eye has in you; looking someone straight in the eyes results in a very personal non-verbal exchange. You can learn a lot by how often and how long they look into your eyes.

Read on below to find out more about eye contact and how you can use it to improve your dating life.


Once you notice someone you are interested in, it is only natural that you will want to stare or glance at them from time to time. Initially, most people tend to steal glances when the other person is not looking, turning away when they look. This, in turn, gives the other person the opportunity to look at you taking in all they can. The next step in this visual flirting is making eye contact.

Eye Contact and Interest

Eye contact attraction plays an essential part in expressing interest in a person. Now that you have already identified someone you are interested in, you can learn whether they share the same interest in you by how long and often they look into your eyes. This form of flirting is an essential part of the art of charm you can exploit to make approaching strangers easier. Essentially, when you share such moments for a few seconds with someone you are attracted to this means that they also share the same interest.

Some Tips

It is worth noting that there are some hidden gems you can use to make eye contact flirtation more effective. This type of communication results in deep connections; however, if you do not follow it up with action it ends up being a waste. Add a welcoming smile, and assume an inviting posture to make yourself more approachable and clearly, express your interest.

Holding Eye Contact

It is also worth mentioning that men should avoid being the first to look away when holding eye contact as this is usually translated as an expression of being timid and fearful!

Making a Move

Moving on from the above point on holding eye contact, it is recommended that you make a move after a period of eye contact attraction and flirting. Taking too long to approach a woman after a period of exchanging glances will force her to move on to others as she will think you are not courageous or interested enough to approach her.

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