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Dating on a budget in the 21st Century

Planning a date with a low budget and wondering whether men are still expected to pay for women on first dates? Keep calm, it is the 21st century, and there are ways to date on a budget by spending quality time. If you are dating to check each other out for a long-term relationship impressing her with your money is not the best idea. Well, the issue is not money saving, but to be mysterious, fun and creative, those are the challenges one should overcome to keep the interest constant and get her enchanted.

Here are the five most commonly applied ways to date on a budget:

Go for a Walk

Prepare beforehand by walking around the streets of your city/town and exploring the unknown spots, hidden architecture, and fascinating street art. Decide on your route to impress her with the mystery of the area and just walk around together. Remember that the magnificent sunsets are free gifts of nature. Therefore, make sure to end the tour on a spot from where you can enjoy a sunset.

Attend a Free Event

Nowadays, there are plenty of free outdoor and indoor events that provide great atmosphere happening all over the world. Check out for the free events to the public in your area online or through your local paper. If any of those events are of her interest, ask her out and surprise her by attending the event.

Take Her on a Picnic

A perfect picnic spot for two can be organised in places with awe-inspiring views, in wild nature, on a beach or on your own rooftop. Deciding on the setting is important because it will allow you to sit down, listen to music, and play games and to find out more about each other. Of course, there is also the option of staying in to cook a dinner together, but, it is preferable for couples that already know each other.

Workout Together

Nowadays, many gyms offer test the facilities day passes at discount or free of charge. If you are not into overly romanticised activities, that couples do together, attempt a workout together. It is a great way to spend more time together, get used to each other and learn whether you can become a good team or not.

Take an Argentine Tango Class Together

There are a number of dance studios that offer free lessons for the beginners. Well, argentine tango is all about passion and intimacy. Make sure to learn the basic steps in advance if you want to impress her with your passion.

What are your ways of dating on a budget? Share your experience with our readers by letting us know.

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