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Dating online in the 21st Century

Dating online in the 21st Century

Nobody ever said that trying to find a potential romantic partner over the internet was going to be an easy task. Most find that it can be an exhausting task due to the impersonal nature that is so distinctive of the internet world. But saying that love can and does happen for thousands of people every year.

Researchers say that there are a few common things you should keep in mind if you intend to get to know somebody via cyberspace. Keeping it subtle and real is the way to go when you first start out on your quest for lovedom.

Research has shown that bragging can make you appear arrogant or big headed and that's the last thing you want to come across to a potential new date. Highlighting your most positive physical features and personality traits is what you need to concentrate on whilst minimising any negative information in your dating profile. Failure to follow this advice can lead to a potential date losing their desire to contact and date you.

If you want to establish a long term relationship then the best course of action is to be humble and portray yourself as a "Real" person explained the research team especially if you want that relationship to be based on trust.

Today 5% of all marriages come from dating online and it's predicted to increase even more in the future. Using a dating site is no longer thought of as taboo for searching a finding a potential partner as it was 10 years ago. More and more people with busy lifestyles are doing it and are finding that it's been successful for them.

Jenny a single mum with 2 children said that "using the internet allows individuals to be more open and accepting. There's no social or family pressure and it paves the way for a real connections to be made." Jenny said "after a few hit and misses I realised that just being myself on my profile was the best way to interact with people. Potential dates respond more if they know something is not fake."

Online daters love the medium as they can date at their own comfort level. The online dating world is now responding to cater for all types of people and their lifestyles. As well as websites and apps there's niche sites for people with leather fetishes, bus spotters and whippet fanciers. There's something out there on the web for everybody and it's far easier to find like minded individuals than trawling through clubs and bars on the off chance. Give it a try and see what connections you can make in the cyber dating world.

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