dating success stories

Dating success stories

At Singles 4 Love we are always hearing about successful relationships made through the site. We thought you might like to read about them too.

Here's Helen and David's Story...

I joined the site back in July, when shortly after joining, I found a man named David who let's just say took my fancy!

A couple of weeks of messaging between us, we decided to meet face to face. Well on the first date, we hit it off straight away and saw each other every minute we could. I was a single mum of 2 boys and over the next few months, David very quickly hit it off with them both.

Well 18 months later and we have recently got married, and David is a wonderful, caring, loving husband and has become a wonderful step-dad to my boys who now call him "dad".

Thank you for helping me find the man of my dreams!

Helen and David

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