dating success stories

Dating success stories

At Singles 4 Love we are always hearing about successful relationships made through the site. We thought you might like to read about them too.

Here's Kevin and Sam's Story...

I decided to take the plunge and try Internet dating, as it seems the way people are meeting nowadays. I am so glad I did as in October I met Samantha, the most wonderful lady. Having tried other dating sites without success I cannot thank you enough. Samantha has made my life complete and was a missing piece of the complicated puzzle that life is.

All those emails and phone conversations came together to form the complete picture and now both Samantha and I are on the path of true love. I urge people not to be sceptical of online dating as I was apprehensive at first because that special person is waiting. With an honest and detailed profile and an open mind your whole life can change with the click of the mouse, as mine has done.

Kevin and Sam

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