dating success stories

Dating success stories

At Singles 4 Love we are always hearing about successful relationships made through the site. We thought you might like to read about them too.

Here's Kevin and Donna's Story...

We began chatting on the site after I saw Donna's lovely smile and sent her a wink. After getting to know each other on the site, we agreed to meet. We had breakfast in Inverness and afterwards we took a walk along the river bank where we shared our first kiss. Since then we have been on many dates including a weekend camping, a day trip to Dunrobin Castle and even a bit of fishing (Donna caught the biggest fish).

We talked for a long time on the site before moving onto mobiles and we were both very honest in our profiles and when we finally met. This has helped build a strong foundation to our relationship and we would advise anyone to do the same. There is someone out there for everyone, don't give up!

Kevin and Donna

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