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Do age gaps really matter in dating?

Nowadays, both men and women are dating freely across wide age gaps without any issues. However, some still wonder whether it is okay to date someone either younger or older than them or they are just better off going out with someone of the same age. The following are some of the age rules to consider:

Does an age gap really matter?

While age is all about personal preference, it does matter to some extent. For instance, there is the problem of lacking things in common with a much younger or older partner. Nevertheless, it all comes down to your attitude. If you have a vibrant attitude and are willing to only consider age gaps as mere numbers, then you are well on the way to have fun with people of different ages without any problems.

What are the benefits of dating a younger person?

It is quite flattering, especially your friends opinions when you date a younger person. People usually want to go out with someone fun and adventurous, which is usually equated to youth. It can be used as a way of staying hip and young since someone feels that a partner of the same age would be a bit old. Some people even view large age gaps as an important status symbol that you can still be able to hang out with the youth.

Are there any downsides to dating a younger person?

While you may have positive friend's opinions that you are not conforming to age rules and are dating a younger person, there is the risk of feeling insecure about your date. It is definitely going to be an ego boost, but there is also the opposite when your date talks to a younger waiter then your self-confidence will likely be affected. Sometimes other people fall into a trap of supporting their younger partner financially, which is a major red flag.

What about dating an older person?

Many people feel that older is much better as men get renderer with age while women become more assertive and independent, less needing the approval or reassurance from their partner. Furthermore, older men are also more nurturing and comfortable with intimacy. Both older men and women have enough experience to have fun with their partners. In this case, the age rules are actually in favour of dating an older person.

Age is not really the best indicator of relationship compatibility. Ultimately, your personal preference is what matters when choosing whether or not to factor in age rules when choosing your next partner. For some, it is all about the physiological age, which is how well someone takes care of them rather than their actual age.

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