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Getting over a failed relationship

Getting Over a Failed Relationship

Adele said it right, "Sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead." Since the beginning of the time when romantic relationships were in human communities, there have always been fall outs. Two people coming together and sharing their lives is not as easy as the romantic movies make it look to be.

There is a lot of work involved and sometimes a point comes in which the best thing to do when considering both sides would be to part your ways. It is natural that you feel hurt and incomplete after a failed relationship, but there are many ways to get back up and move on with your life.

Give Yourself Time

One of the most important things about getting over a failed relationship is to give yourself enough time to grieve, forgive and move on. There is no standard time limit to say that you will get over failure in a relationship, it all depends on one person to another. You might be able to get back to your life smiling and refreshed after a week of a bad breakup while another might take a whole year for that. Do not rush yourself, but keep your mind in check to make sure that you are not indulging too much in the sadness and forgetting to live your life. Sadness can be addicting in times, but you have to understand that life goes on and that you will be okay eventually.

Learn from Your Mistakes

A relationship does not fail out of nowhere. The chances are that you have had enough and more arguments and problems before you finally decide to let go of it. However, if you are grieving over the breakup at the same time, it means that there were good sides to your relationship too. It is natural to feel nostalgic about the happy memories once someone leaves you, but do not let that short-term indulgence make you forget the real reasons why you broke up in the first place. Write down a list, if you must. Think about where it went wrong, and most importantly, learn from your mistakes. You have to ensure that the same problems will not happen again.

Cut the ties and Move on

The next step is to cut all your ties to the person who you parted ways from and and make your relationship move on. Social media is the worst tool when it comes to cutting ties with people nowadays since it always manages to find a way to show you things which reminds you about them. Remove them from your "Friend Lists", delete their contact from your phone and be cleanly and completely free of them. It will work like a cleansing exercise for your mind as well. Now you are free! Time to put on your best clothes, a new haircut and go about being the amazing person that you have always been.

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