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Man trying to attract the attention of a lady who's not interested.

How do you make somebody fall in love with you?

Unfortunately heading to the swamps of Outa Mongolia to pick up a love potion is not the option. Besides the fact that love potions don't exist we have found a few tricks that you might want to put into action to bag that special person. So without stalking somebody on Facebook or getting the police knocking on your door here's the rules to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Using body language

Body language has a major part to play in the dating game. Show that you are available by using positive body language and don't cross your arms. Keep your body, hands and arms open so that you look approachable.

Rev up your love engine

New studies have shown that dates with warm personalities opt for hot drinks and daters with a cool personality will go for cool drinks. So to warm your date up it's best to take them on a date that includes a hot cuppa instead of an ice cold lager.

Look into their eyes

It's been found that staring lovingly into your partners eyes will make then fall head over heals with you. There's one slight thing though you need to do this for at least two full minutes. If you can manage the two minutes of cringeworthy eye contact it's guaranteed that your date will fall for you.

You both need to be alike

Most people believe in the saying that "opposites attract" well unfortunately that is a myth and they don't. A recent study of online daters claimed that couples with similar personalities made better matches as they were better able to understand each other.

Get yourself a pet

As it says on the tin. It's said that pet owners are perceived as being more attractive in the long run. Getting a dog will make you look more relaxed, approachable and happy.

Play music

A surprising little known fact is that the opposite sex will be more willing to give you their number if you play music to them. A study found that 52% of women who listened to a romantic song gave out their phone number when asked afterwards, whereas only 28% from the non-romantic song group gave out their numbers.

Smelling good is a winner

Daters said that the smell of somebody was a big factor in whether they dated or not. It's not just the aftershave and perfume but it's also the smell you leave on your clothes that has the opposite sex going wild for.

Wear killer red

The colour red is known to turn on the primal instinct in men so that little red dress is just the ticket if you mean business. Wearing red in online dating profiles signals sex and status has been known to increase messages by up to 28%.

Don't date out of your league

Playing out of your league is never going to cut it according to dating specialists. For a relationship to work the opposite sex needs to be as good looking as yourself or less.

Grow a beard

Turning women wild is as easy as not shaving, well within reason. Growing a beard or having stubble is seen by women as healthy. Heavy stubble is the optimum length for facial hair to make somebody fall in love with you. So to stand out from the crown go forth and grow but remember to keep it well trimmed. The moto is "A man doesn't grow a beard, a beard grows a man."

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