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Couple sat on a sofa on a first date feeling and looking all nervous together.

How to overcome first date nerves

Nearly everyone gets anxious before dates, particularly if you are shy or nervous about interacting with people. Even though it is normal to get first date worries, they can be very paralysing and make your date disastrous. However, if you prepare well and find out how to overcome first date nerves, then you have a chance of actually enjoying your dating life. Here are a few of the main worries people have about dating as well as tips about how you can overcome them.

I am afraid of all the uncertainty - Among the top first date worries is the uncertainty that interacting with a new date brings. Will your date like you? Will you kiss or hug goodbye? How will you know when it is time to end the date? Even the best ice breakers cannot remove all the uncertainty from your first date.

The solution here is to simply keep an open mind and ignore any thoughts about the need for complete certainty. Learn to be flexible and accept the unknown if you are to successfully overcome first date nerves. Uncertainty does not always mean scary as it can even facilitate romance, fun, and excitement.

My nervousness will show - For people who are prone to exhibiting physical symptoms once you become nervous, the main first date worries is that these symptoms (like blushing, shaking voice or sweating) will show. The unfortunate thing is that this constant worry is usually distracting and will keep from fully engaging your date.

Even though your instinct may be to keep monitoring yourself throughout the date, you could end up making the situation worse. Instead of focusing on what you do not want to happen, think about what you want to bring to your date. Learn a few ice breakers and share stories about yourself while listening keenly to your date and asking questions.

My date will judge me - The other one of the top first date worries is being worried that your date will not like your appearance or what you say. The best way to overcome first date nerves about a potential date being too judgmental, harsh or mean towards you is to understand that if it happens it reflects the poor character of your date, and it does not reflect your qualities.

Furthermore, you should be self-compassionate and treat yourself kindly, with care, forgiveness, and understanding. This way you will care less when you are judged by other people. You will be more confident about your qualities regardless of what anyone else thinks.

The thing to keep in mind to help overcome first date nerves is to understand that not all your dates are going to work out. Everyone gets rejected at some point, and it is a normal part of dating. Provided you both give it your best shot, you will eventually find a good match.

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