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Making a wish list of your potential partner in life

Have you ever experienced wishing for something to happen and when you thought about it so bad it actually occurred? According to the Law of Attraction, everything that you asked for would come to you if you think about it so hard and persevere.

The Law of Attraction theory is that everything in this world has energy, both good and bad. When you constantly give out positive energy in everything that you do, positive energy will come back to you; and this also works with negative energy.

Whether you're looking for a new career that you would like to pursue, getting a new house, becoming rich, and even finding the person of your dreams, this theory will have an effect on your life. Now how can this law help you in finding your potential partner in life?

A person who believes in this law uses a method that they call the "wish list". Girls are often told of fairytale stories about princes, castle, and forever love, but what everyone doesn't know is that this can truly happen to anyone.

The wish list works when you think about the perfect guy/girl of your dreams, write down all the characteristics that you would like him/her to have and constantly give out positive energy into this list, then there would come a time that he/she will actually come to you.

When writing down the characteristics that you would like to see in a person, it's important that you would be very discreet on what you want. Here are some things that you should consider:

1. Personality - Think about the person that you would like to have and imagine living with them for the rest of your life. Here are some personalities that you can choose from and right it down on your list:

  • a. Enthusiastic
  • b. Open-minded
  • c. Creative
  • d. Flexible
  • e. Determined

2. Social Skills - This will show if they are capable of talking to your family, friends, and even potential business partners. Here are some social skills that you can choose from:
  • a. Provider
  • b. Family oriented
  • c. Nature lover
  • d. Sport enthusiast
  • e. Husband material

3. Relationship - This is very important when you want to have someone special in your life. Here are some relationship types that you can choose from:
  • a. Romantic
  • b. Affectionate
  • c. Intense
  • d. Emotionally expressive
  • e. Supportive

4. Spiritual Compatible -Another important thing that you should consider is their spiritual attachment. Here are some choices for you:
  • a. Share your beliefs
  • b. Open-minded about other religions
  • c. Doesn't believe in the higher power

Creating a wish list that involves everything that you would like to have from your potential partner is important to attract the universe to give it you. Try to create your list now and give out positive energy, maybe you'll find your perfect partner soon.

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