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Couple in love playing and having fun together at home.

People that play together will stay together - How to improve your relationship

It is true that couples that enjoy jointly-shared playing activities considerably improve satisfaction in the relationship. Couples should try and develop their own unique leisure activities from an early time during courtship as a sort of solid foundation that will ensure they always have something enjoyable to do together. Playing together is what will improve your relationship and give some energy into otherwise normal days.

Sometimes things may start feeling predictable and stale, especially in long term relationships. Adrenaline is one of the best aphrodisiacs that you can probably use to add some sparkle in your relationship. When you are playing with your partner, you are fundamentally stimulating your body and mind, which in turn stimulates your emotions. If bungee jumping is too extreme for you, then you can add interest in your relationship with simple horseback riding. Or just choose any activity that both of you find thrilling and gets your body pumped.

How to Add Some Sparkle to Your Relationship

Now that we have seen that playing together can improve your relationship significantly let us look at a few ways you can attain all the above benefits of a happy relationship.

Work out as a couple - Hitting the local gym together is about more than simply spending extra time together to add interest. In fact, when you are fitness buddies with your partner you can show each other encouragement and support as you improve your physical fitness and overall health.

Exercising together also implies that you wish to live longer enjoying the company of your partner. It offers a common health goal for a couple, not to mention the fact that working out boosts your libido.

Kiss more regularly - One of the simplest yet overlooked ways to add some sparkle and improve your relationship is simply kissing more regularly. The kiss here is not the quick peck on your partner's lips, rather those slow, deep and sensual kisses.

There was a time you both looked forward to your make out sessions, but it has since become ancient history in your relationship. However, you should know that kissing is likely the easiest and sexiest act to appreciate your partner and add interest. You should not just kiss as part of foreplay, but as often as possible throughout the day.

Dance together - After a long week at work of taking care of your responsibilities, you can let loose and dance together at home. This will add some sparkle by reintroducing the silliness you once had and also break down barriers, particularly if things have become too serious all the time. Staging a fun dance party just for the two of you can be both a sexy and fun way to improve your relationship.

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