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Physical attraction - looks do count

Have you ever heard of the phrase "love at first sight"? Where do you think it comes from? Do you think that the person who invented it has fallen in love with the personality of a person who he hasn't met, talked to or known before and is seeing for the very first time? Doesn't that sound a bit ludicrous to you? Well, while the majority of people would believe that inner beauty is all that matters, the reality is far from that.

The truth is that physical attraction is one of the most important things when it comes to dating. You have to look good if you want to attract people to you. It's as simple as that. Of course, looking good is a relative term as everyone has their own personal preferences but in general, the idea is that your looks are important.

Image is king

That's a concept as old as the world. People who present confidence, strength and power are the ones who are usually going to get it. It's as easy as that. Your presentation is incredibly important as it's what's going to make the first impression and first impressions are here to stay.

They are by far the most powerful thing in the world of dating, and if you manage to land it perfectly, you are going to achieve everything you've set out to achieve. However, there are a lot of things that have to be taken into thorough consideration.

Self image is just as important

You have to think of yourself the way that you want other people to think of you. This is going to present you in a light that's appropriate. People who are shy and close have it rather harsh to form new relationships, regardless if we are talking about making new friends or dating. In any case, you have to have a strong self image in order to make a proper presentation for yourself. This is incredibly important.

Stay in shape - looks are important

Exercise - it's as simple as that. Whether you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl - keeping yourself in shape is incredibly important and is one of the things that are seriously going to affect your dating. You are quickly going to see the difference.

Start working out and soon you are going to find out how people start to get attracted to your good looks. This is going to make it easier for you to meet new people, date new people and form new relationships in general.

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