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A boat sailing through romantic Amsterdam's canal as the sun sets.

Romantic Holiday in Amsterdam - our guide to a great romantic break

Amsterdam - It's not just clogs and cheese people go for

The city of Amsterdam is a very romantic place; it doesn't really matter if it's Valentine season or what month it is. Anyone will certainly fall in love with the warmth of the air and the stunning sunset. You have a lot of options to experience the romantic ambiance of Amsterdam from the expensive diamonds to the affordable flowers. Here are some of your options for a romantic holiday in Amsterdam.

Romantic holiday ideas in Amsterdam

Experience Amsterdam by night

There is something magical in Amsterdam by night that will make you fall in love. The light dances on the bridge when you are taking a Canal cruise, and you will see couples walking hand in hand across the paved streets. The canal belt also known as the grachtengordel provides couples with a splendid setting to profess their love with their partner.

Taking a private canal cruise

If you have the right amount of budget, you may consider hiring a private guide and boat and take a canal cruise. Having a private cruise is more romantic than sitting side-by-side with a number of strangers in the same boat. You may also opt for a salon boat where you and your date will be able to enjoy a sumptuous dinner or drink champagne while enjoying the view of Amsterdam by night. When hiring a private salon boat, be sure to ask about the theme of their cruise.

Visit Bloemenmarket

Bloemenmarket is a place in Amsterdam that is bursting with different colours and varieties of flowers. The flowers being offered in this area are significantly cheaper compared to the flowers offered in the UK. So in case you want to surprise your partner and make it romantic, you might want to shower your hotel with flower blooms.

Buying diamonds

Amsterdam is known worldwide for the polishing of diamond. It is the home of the world renowned Coster Diamonds which is the company that is responsible for the recutting of the Koh-i-noor, which is a 5,000 years old diamond that sits at the royal crown. In case you will not be able to afford a diamond, firms that cut diamonds provide a free tour of their different rooms filled with sparkling diamonds. Ladies will surely appreciate seeing a perfect cut of precious jewels.

Rent a bicycle for 2

What better way to experience the whole city of Amsterdam than by riding a bicycle for 2. You will be able to conveniently reach the prominent locations and parks particularly the Vondelpark that is ideal for long bike ride and walk. You may also take a picnic basket along with you in order to make it even more romantic. When you want to accentuate the romantic ambiance of Amsterdam, these are some of the most popular ideas that you can use in order to make it a mushy experience.

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