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London skyline all lit up at night looking romantic.

Romantic Holiday in London- our guide to a great romantic break

The Capital of England with so much to see and do

London is quite possibly one of the most romantic places on earth, for many reasons including the classy sophistication of the city, beautiful architecture, mild weather and also the overall feel of the atmosphere that screams of tranquillity and romance.

You can do everything from having a quiet romantic stroll holding hands on the banks of Thames, and also stay in a romantic boutique hotel after a delicious candle light dinner in a restaurant downtown. The cafe culture is big in London, with their avid tea drinking habits. You can plan a romantic date from morning till night, covering all the aspects of the city which will definitely be a memorable day for you and your significant other.

View from the Shard

Formerly known as London Bridge Tower, The Shard is one of top places possibly around the earth to get that most striking panoramic view of a city. It is the 87th tallest building in the world and the second tallest in United Kingdom. On its 72nd floor, there is the open air observation deck, which will make the ideal place to add into to your date, especially if your partner has not been there before. Even if you have been to The Shard, the view is addictive enough to come again and again. Enjoy seeing the sunset with the one you love across the majestic city of London it's an experience you will cherish forever.

Shopping till you drop

If you are willing to spend some money and have a good time, you can take your partner shopping around London. Even if you do not enjoy shopping personally, watching your partner indulging in shopping will keep you entertained. Make sure to walk through the streets and get souvenirs and other small items other than the large department stores. You can pair up the shopping expedition with a food stroll, trying out the dishes in different restaurants in London.

Regents Park

In the North West part of London, there is Regent Park, which is arguably the most elegant outdoor part in London. Designed by John Nash, the park spreads to nearing 400 acres far and wide. Do not forget to have the small hike to the Primrose Hill and take in the view around the park once you go there.

Situated at the edge of the park, there is a zoo that you can go to add a little more fun into the date. Other than that, there are a plenty of statues, memorials, and glittering fountains wherever your eyes may rest. Take your date to one of the most romantic places in London.

Champagnes Bar

Who doesn't want a few sips of Champagne in the midst of having a great time with your most favourite person in the world? Indulge in a variety of champagne from around the world with a visit to one of the most popular champagne bars in London. Top the day off by visiting a restaurant of your favourite cuisine and having a nice candle light dinner.

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