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A mountain road covered in snow heading to the romantic destinaton of St. Moritz

Romantic Holiday in St. Moritz - our guide to a great romantic break

There's so much to see and do all year round in this wonderland of romance

There is no doubt that Switzerland is a very romantic place to visit all year round. It is known for its gorgeous snow-capped mountains, summer adventures and amazing skiing activities. Couples can expect a lot of things to do here, such as visiting historic sites, museums, and enjoy the different activities in the area.

During winter, you can easily select from different mountain resorts where you can enjoy activities such as skiing, tobogganing, and several others. Other travellers also suggest checking in to a health spa for relaxation and rejuvenation. If you are planning to set out for a romantic holiday soon, let us consider some of the options you have available.

Romantic getaway options

Aside from the mentioned places and activities that you can enjoy, there are other options that you might also want to consider. For instance, you can enjoy the Glacier Express, which connects St. Moritz to Zernatt passing by the 2033m Oberalp Pass.

This exciting route can take you seven and a half hours to cover the entire 290km, crossing a total of 291 bridges. Seat reservation prices may vary depending on the season.

The winter brings it's own unique fun events

If you are interested in Winter Sport, St. Moritz is the best place for you. The origins of this season's tourism can be traced back to the 1800s. Out of those initial ski runs, they have finally developed into a world famous skiing capital, with over 20 lifts that carry skiers to different terrains for different skill levels.

Also, skiing is not the only activity that you can do here as you can also enjoy tobogganing, curling, open log fires, and a whole lot of spectator sports. As a matter of fact, the Olympic ski jumps, as well as the slopes frequently hosts world ski events. Each year, there are also winter polo events, as well as international horse racing competitions that you can watch on the frozen lake.

There's plenty of sightseeing to be had with the one you love

The St. Moritz Lake is another spectacle in the area, especially during summer season. Near the area are some cafes, restaurants and hotels that are favoured by customers walking along the path following the lake shore.

On the other hand, if museums are interesting for you, you can also enjoy a visit to the Engadine Museum, which is set in a replica house. It serves as home to over 4,000 items that illustrate local life from the earlier parts of the 13th to the 19th centuries. This place is best known because of its house interiors, furnishings, costumes, embroidery, household utensils, as well as implements that are all related to living in the Alps.

There are also some artefacts which have been excavated from the Bronze and Neolithic Ages, as well as Roman finds coming from the region. A visit to these places will certainly be a memorable experience for you and your loved one.

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