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Romantic horse drawn carriage in the city of Vienna.

Romantic Holiday in Vienna - our guide to a great romantic break

Vienna - a must visit destination for all romantics

Looking for the perfect romantic destination? While not as popular as other cities, Vienna is one place that you should take into consideration. From charming coffee houses to beautiful castles, you will have an endless selection when it comes to romantic attractions.

Clueless about what to do on your visit? Keep on reading and learn from the romantic activities that we will be recommending below.

Horse-drawn carriage

The cityscape of Vienna is incomplete without the iconic horse-drawn carriages. It was previously a major mode of transportation but has now become sort of an activity that is exclusive for tourists who want to have a slice of authentic Vienna.

If you are with a date, make sure to include riding a horse-drawn carriage in your itinerary. This is perhaps the best way to appreciate the cobblestone streets and stunning architecture of the city.

Visit the Opera

Cultural attractions are plenty when in Vienna, and one of the best would be the Opera at Staatsoper. Also known as the Vienna State Opera, it has a horseshoe shape, and the interior is clad in red and gold. More than just admiring the opulence of the opera, it would be best to catch one of the live shows. Your date will surely appreciate classical music and dance performances. To make the experience even more romantic, book for an opera package that comes with dinner.

River Danube

This river is another romantic attraction that should not be missed when in Vienna. Known as the second longest river in Europe, this is definitely an attraction that you should see. Snaking through Vienna, riding a boat is a romantic activity that you will enjoy, especially as it gives you an opportunity to appreciate some of the most magnificent sights in the city.

The Danube River Cruise is also going to be a good idea for your date. Additionally, you can visit Old Danube, where you can enjoy cycling or a meal in a restaurant with a terrace on the water.

Admire "The Kiss" in Upper Belvedere Gallery

For those who want to enjoy a cultural activity with their date, the Upper Belvedere Gallery is one of the attractions that should not be missed. This is where you can find the largest collection of painting by Gustav Klimt. Among others, one of the most popular works displayed is known as The Kiss.

The gold-brushed painting looks like it is a mosaic and depicts a couple embracing each other on a bed of flowers. Just the mere thought of appreciating the painting together while holding hands can already be romantic. There are tons of other paintings that you can enjoy in the gallery, which is housed in a Baroque mansion.

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