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Secrets in building a lasting relationship

Every couple wants to experience that same level of love with their respective partner even after 50 years, but despite of this, around half of marriages in Australia, US, UK and Canada ends up in divorce. Relationships, even those that have been through a lot of trials still need constant work, nurturing and attention. In case you understand this fact, this is just the initial phase of building a lasting relationship. You also need to make time, have respect and best of all have fun in this journey.

How to have a lasting relationship


The way you communicate with each other says a lot on how you treat each other. Remember that most relationships end due to a lack of communication between the couple. In cases where couples find it challenging to be open or to honestly tell their partner about their feelings or the things that bothers them, then the foundation of the relationship will be weak.

Most of them will wait for an argument before they will be able to say the things that bothers them. In case you want your relationship to last, you have to find a way on how you can communicate openly with your respective partner. Make time to communicate and talk about anything that happens that day. If you are going to tell your partner about the things that irk you, do not forget to still have respect.

Give and take relationship

It is not that rare to hear a couple talking about a give and take relationship. In case that you feel that you are giving too much, or you have a feeling of resentment because of how much you give into a relationship, then you may be in an imbalanced relationship. People are unique based on their needs and wants in a relationship and how they treat each other.

For instance, you may have that belief that love has the ability to conquer anything, and your spouse will choose to change if she loves you. Unfortunately, your spouse is more independent and will refuse to change their personality. This factor creates a sense of imbalance in a relationship. Make sure that your expectations in your relationship are realistic.

Pick your arguments

A married couple has a tendency to discover a lot of things with each other; things that they are unaware of when they are just dating. There are things that you find irritating such as snoring, the shower, toothpaste and other habits that he/she already have. You now have the option to argue about it or just neglect it and have fun. Make time for the important things and just ignore the dumb things that may spark arguments. Best of all, have respect despite the fact that you are talking about the things that bothers you.

These are just 3 secrets of building a lasting relationship. Love is more of a responsibility than just a feeling. You are both responsible to make it work. Treat each other well and have fun in creating a successful relationship.

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