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Guy trying to attract the attention of a girl that's not interested in him.

Tell tale signs they are not into you

There is nothing more disappointed than dating someone who may seem interested but really are not. A lot of men, and women, alike, have been there! You are not alone. However, by identifying some tell tale signs that they are not into you, you can spare yourself from disappointment and heartache. Do they like you? Wasting time on the wrong person can cause you to feel stress. The good thing is that you can identify whether the sign's not into you; all you have to do is to be alert of them.

They Are Too Busy to See You

You connect with someone via an online dating site, finally meeting him or her in person one day. The date went really well. Personally, you can say that they had a great time like you did. After that date he or she texts you, sometimes calling on occasion. However, he eventually gets very busy, so you have not seen him since. You told yourself its fine, as texting can be more fun. The thing is; if someone is really interested in you, he or she will make the time to really see you. You may want to take this blow: men who love to text women or vice versa, may be texting several others along with you. As such, it is an ego booster in their part, but a waste of time on yours.

They Tell You They Do Not Want a Relationship

During the first date, he or she may bluntly tell you that they are not looking for anything serious such as a relationship. He or she then moves forward to a fun conversation and chatting, looking deeply into your eyes, making you laugh. It may feel good on your part. However, the fantasy of thinking that they like you may lead you to fall further to the person. Regardless of the interest they show, the point has already been made clear early on. No commitment!

They Do Not Ask About Personal Details

If a person shows no excitement or interest in finding out who you really are, you can see into you the clues that he or she is not interested in you. A person who likes you can't get enough, wanting to know every detail of your personal story. If a person asks about your hobbies, things that make you happy, you may have a good chance. However, if the other happens, you just have to accept that the sign's not into you.

However, do not take it too personally! Yeah, a person may not be into you, but you should not count it against yourself. After all, another person may see the things the other person did not see in you!

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