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The best Valentine's Day date ideas

This Valentine's Day don't fall into the same old routine of being stuck watching a film and a takeout. Whether you're single or in a relationship we have some great ideas to make this Valentine's Day a date out of the ordinary and one you'll never forget.

Add some fun with some comedy

If you're the couple that likes a laugh then heading to a comedy club could be the ideal setting this Valentine's Day. Get your GSOH in gear and laugh the night away with a themed Valentine's Day show. Some venues will be laying on themed Valentine's meals with champagne, chocolate and strawberries.

Slip sliding on ice

Watch a romantic comedy and you'll be sure to find couples hitting the ice rink for a bit of romantic fun. It's easy to see that a bit of slippery ice will have you holding onto your loved one and gliding about holding hands. This recreational activity is guaranteed to get you close to each other. Afterwards make sure you have a couple of hard earned drinks, some hot toddies will be just the ticket.

A themed night in by the fire

If you really must have a night in then there's no better way than to go full hog on the romance. Dig out your copy of Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn and tuck into a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Dress up in Italian clothes and let the romance fill the living room.

Wine bar

Forget the sit down dinner this year and instead do a bit of wine bar hopping. Jump from place to place and grab your seats next to the bar. Order different types of wine and enjoy sharing a tapas with the one you love. This is sure to be more exciting than the usual night on the town.

Let's do the first date again

Take it right back to when you first met and recreate your first date. Head to the same place order the same food and drink, request the same songs and see how much detail you can both remember from the night. End the night by enjoying a "first kiss" together.

Let's go dancing

No not to the local night club we mean let's go and do some "real" dancing. Never danced before don't worry there's loads of dancing classes you can join or take a trip to a salsa club. Alternatively why not go and see some live music that will definitely make you feel the groove.

A trip to the museum

Museums are not the dusty boring places that you used to get taken to as a kid. Many these days come alive after hours and especially round Valentine's Day they lay on special events. An after dark art tour with your loved one will ignite the flames of passion especially if you spice it up with a picnic basket for two and some chocolate truffles and champagne.

A scary ghost tour

Scare the living daylights out of yourself and your partner and you're certain to be receiving lots of hugs and affection. It's lucky that ghosts tend to hang out in the same places so there are many ghost tours that will be near where you live.

Rolling around on some skates

It might have been a few years since you last put on a pair of roller skates but believe us the fun will be just as you remembered it. In fact roller skating with a loved one will be even more fun especially if you can find a rink that's holding a retro evening.

A scavenger hunt

There are many hunts taking place and you can find one online that's in your local area. For Valentine's Day many will have a sexy theme and will reveal sexy prizes. If you can't find one near where you live then you can always devise your own it just needs a bit of creativity.

A night at a burlesque show

Take your date to a burlesque show and watch as the dancers perform some sexy moves. Pick up some tips for when you get home and have some fun trying a flirty sexy striptease all of your own.

Serenade your date with karaoke

Head off out to a karaoke bar and after a couple of drinks to get you going celebrate the chemistry created as you serenade each other with classics like I got you babe and When a man loves a woman.

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