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Senior couple out enjoying a second date trying out canoeing.

The second date success tips

Now that you have already gone on a first date, where you sparked something off, it is time to start planning for the second meeting. It is important to note that second dates tend to be quite intimidating given the fact that you have to follow up the great first date with something even better; the trick is to do something different. During the second date, both parties will want to learn more about each other. This means that each person will want to continue painting the picture they want the other to see of themselves.

Follow the tips below to ensure that you continue to grow the relationship into exactly what you want.

Keep things interesting

As stated above, the second date is a follow up to the first date. It is vital that you avoid doing the same thing you did for the first date. Do something different to make things more interesting. Remember that you are still creating that image you want your date to have of you.

Doing something different gives you the opportunity to show a different side of yourself. You can look for something new and interesting, or settle for something that both of you enjoy. This means that you will both be highly motivated and looking forward to engaging in a favourite activity. Enthusiasm and motivation are great at this early stage.

About the conversation

During the early meetings between couples, it is important that both parties understand the importance of conversation. The only way you will be able to learn more about your date is through conversation. It is vital that you choose dating activities that make it possible for both parties to talk and express themselves. As such, going to a noisy bar or watching a movie is not recommended. Alternatively, you can choose an interesting game that gives both of you the time to talk.

Lead the conversation

If you are the person who initiated the first date, and would like to remain in control of how the relationship progresses, it is vital that you continue leading. As such you should make suggestions on the activities to do during the date. Remember to take the other person's thoughts into consideration and don't rush them.

Have fun

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when planning or going on a second date is to have fun. Be yourself and keep things simple, most importantly don't pretend to be something you are not as you will have trouble carrying on with a lie throughout the relationship. It is recommended that you focus on having fun as you get to know your partner, especially since you have no idea how far the relationship might go.

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