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Man sat in a pub with a man bun drinking a lager and looking at his smartphone.

Thinking of growing a Man Bun? Think twice if you want to find love online.

Thinking of growing a Man Bun? Think twice if you want to find love online. If you are thinking of getting a man bun or currently have one then new research suggests that it may be time to drop the idea and move on. Research from the smartphone manufacturer HTC suggests that this hairstyle is the least desirable attribute when it comes to men's dating profile pictures.

A man bun was one of the ridiculous trends from 2015 along with Vaping, hoverboards and minions. Celebrities such as David Beckham, Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Leonardo Di Caprio have all tried the style. According to another survey by west coast shaving, it suggests as much as 62% of women are turned off by the sight of a guy with a man bun and 58% wouldn't even think of dating one.

Another reason to ditch the bun comes from research that the tight tension of the hair from man buns could be responsible for the increase in traction alopecia or baldness found around the temples and forehead. Dermatologist Sabra Sullivan says that she is seeing an increase in this condition from wearing tight hairstyles such as a man bun. She now regularly sees one or two men a week that are suffering from the problem.

So drop the man bun if you want to find love online. Short well groomed hair looks great on older guys as it can accentuate your age and with young guys it's the longer look that can be more sexy. Apart from your hairstyle, to get a guaranteed match then you can't go far wrong by wearing a blue top. It's reported that a third of women say this colour is the most attractive colour for guys to wear. A suit jacket paired with some nice skinny jeans is also a winning combination.

For the ladies wondering what men find attractive then red is the most eye catching colour and will go down well in all situations. To improve your chances of a match even further ladies wearing gym gear can't go far wrong in men's eyes.

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