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What clothes workbest in your online dating profile

What clothes workbest in your online dating profile

According to leading dating experts it's simple to impress in your dating profile all you need is just 4 very varied photos from glam, casual, gym to sun-kissed.

Online dating is getting more popular year on year with millions of men and women all logging on looking for that "special one." So how can you grab a piece of the action and stand out from the crowd. If you listen to the experts they tell us that securing a date is all down to what you're wearing on your profile picture. Some say that even the right colours can make a huge difference to your dating eligibility.

To break it down we suggest that you wear what you would wear on a date in your first profile picture. People like to see and imagine what you would look like if they saw you in person. Wearing something stylish will definitely impress and wearing something smart is the order of the day here. Experts agree that the people that land the most dates are people that keep their clothing simple.

For the ladies the classic little black dress wins every time as do dresses in bold colours such as hot pinks and yellows. Wearing black has been shown to increase profile visits by up to 19%. Adding a cool pair of earrings or necklace will complete the look. Stay away from the glitzy shiny material and don't post photos with see through material showing all your underwear.

For guys a smart jacket and fashion jeans will fit most occasions. Only wear a t-shirt under a casual shirt and for that alternate look, wear a sweater over your collared shirt. Don't wear turtlenecks as they shorten the neck and crowd your face. Button the next-to-the-top button on your shirt and if you have chest hair and it shows above your shirt collar, trim it. If you're dressing to impress then it's best to leave out the caps and hats.

For your second dating profile photo choose a casual outfit that you would normally wear when out with friends or performing your favourite hobby so if you like sports show yourself in your sports kit. Your third photo is the sun-kissed summer holiday look. Everybody looks their best in summer and the summer look always makes potential daters want to find out more. Full length photos is the order of the day with shorts, sun glasses, flip flops and a tan. All these elements give your profile a relaxed feel and makes you more approachable and gives a real boost to your image.

Your final profile picture should be one that showcases your athletic side. Research from the launch of the HTC Desire 530 found that men thought women wearing gym gear was the most attractive. They also said that wearing skinny jeans and taking selfies was a real turn on and a great way to impress online.

Another survey says that outdoor full-length shots are best for men, while indoor body pictures get women 60% more messages. Avoid wearing Ugg boots and onesies if you don't want to turn off the opposite sex these came in as the worst looks.

Our top 10 ways to improve your profile online.

1. Colour has been long known to have an important impact on your mood and how other people perceive you. To gain the most attention in your profile picture wear vibrant colours such as red and you will really stand out from the crowd. Blue is the most sexy colour for men to wear.

2. People always look their best in clothes that flatter their figure. If you are not very good at picking clothes get a friend to give you a hand to help you style your wardrobe.

3. Potential dates prefer to look at photos showing happy smiling people. Boost your energy and capture your natural smile by taking photos outdoors.

4. Vary your photos from casual, to smart, to action. This gives potential daters an insight to how you look in all situations.

5. Don't pose with cute animals or friends. Potential dates can become confused by who in the photo is you and if it's a "hot" friend it might well be them that gets the attention and not you.

6. Never post a photo from a night out when you are a little worse for wear with a bottle in each hand, it's not the look you want to portray.

7. Don't wear sunglasses potential dates like to look at your eyes and sunglasses and can be put off if they can't see what you look like.

8. Ensure that your profile is light and fun, don't be too serious or you'll put people off.

9. Consult with your friends and find out what they like about you. Use the information gained as a basis of what you write in your profile.

10. Be confident but don't be arrogant, make sure that people will feel it easy to approach you.

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