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What men really want in a relationship

What men really want in a relationship

Wondering how not to stack up in a relationship and what do men want from a woman? Well, the good news is that it is not only mind-blowing sex that men crave for. Yes, they want to be your one and only hero. Yes, they want to feel the second to none connection with their lady. Yes, men look for attraction from the most mysterious woman. Here are the most commonly discussed things men really want to nurture in a happy relationship:


Men want to be praised and spoken highly of in their career, sexual prowess, and value as partners. Therefore, make sure to express admiration for his positiveness, if you want to enjoy his presence in the long run.


Well, it is in the nature of a male to be drawn towards independence. If you do not want him to withdraw from your relationship make sure not to chase after his activities. Giving him his space is essential so as not to have the feeling of being locked in a cage of your relationship and to give him the opportunity to miss you.


Men are not that different from women and seek for a company that is fun and interesting to hang out with. They do not only want to hook up but want to have the fulfilling emotional experience with their significant other. Therefore, make sure to get him attracted with your life interests, hobbies and not your captivating make-up.

Physical intimacy

Let's face it; a relationship without a physical intimacy is a friendship. Chemistry is the most essential component in a relationship and without a physical click, it will fade away sometime soon.

Homemade food

Do not tell me you are surprised to know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, yes men do expect their woman to surprise with their cooking skills. A man loves it if you cook mouth-watering meals especially for him. So, learn to cook right away if you have not done so yet, and even better have fun cooking things you both like together.


All types of games: intellectual challenges, role playing and trying new things in bed. It is critical in a loving relationship to be open to new experiments and fun both in your daily and sexual life. Therefore, don't be afraid to experiment and inspire your significant one on a continual basis. Because change is constant, make sure to ask him from time to time whether his preferences have changed or not.


Finally, it is important to be a good listener if you want a healthy relationship. By listening to your man, you will be able to satisfy his needs promptly and show that you truly care for him.

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