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What to look for in a new partner when dating online.

Pursuit of love is a beautiful thing. Getting to know someone, slowly understanding them as a person and falling in love is always exciting. However, letting someone into your life and breaking the walls you have put around you can be a scary at times, especially if you have had not very pleasant experiences when it comes to love before.

Therefore, in order to save you from a potential heartbreak, it is important that you look for a few basic things when it comes to opening your heart for a new partner. First impressions do matter, and they give you a glimpse of what you can expect from them later. This does not mean you should filter them thoroughly regarding these qualities, but it is always good if you find someone who falls into all these categories, and the chances will be that you will have a smoother relationship with people who have these qualities.


Most of the modern relationships fail due to the non-existence of integrity. Of course, we like to have our own spaces in life and we are all entitled to our privacy, but when you share your life, with someone you owe them to disclose entirely who you are as a person. Integrity comes with a great level of honesty. You need to be able to trust your partner without a doubt from the moment of meeting them first time.

You deserve honesty, and you should never settle for anything less. Deception is the greatest destroyer of relationships, and make sure you look for the signs in the beginning of the relationship to avoid issues later.


The need for affection is a major reason why we are drawn to relationships. However, with the "cool" culture of casual dating which has grown popular nowadays, people withhold showing affection in order to appear that they are not affected from a relationship especially in the early stages.

Affection does not mean telling that you love them after the first date, but it lies in small gestures such as caring about them and letting them know that they are special to you in ways another person is not. Affection can be shown when they speak to you and in the way they treat you. Look for signs of obvious affection in your new partner.

If they are emotionless and distant in the early days when they are supposed to be smitten with you, it might be a sign that their feelings about you are not strong.


Last but not least, showing respect towards you is a quality that you should definitely look for in someone who will potentially spend the rest of life with you. Most of the relationship problems arrive due to the lack of respect people have for each other.

You need someone who respects you as a person, who respects your decisions in life and who respects you in a way that makes them treat you with dignity. Expect this from the time of first introducing yourself. You may have heard this a few dozen times in your life, but remember to never settle for anything less than you truly deserve.

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