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Couple sat together with body language showing they are not very happy and bored.

What your body language says when meeting a date?

So you are at the bar, looking to pick-up a girl. You are sharing a drink with your friends, and then you start noticing some things. Some girls are sitting with their legs crossed while others prefer to be standing up. Others are running their fingers through their hair and have discretely placed their handbags on the tables. Some have placed their handbag on the chair next to them while some are flapping around with their hands while chatting with their friends. And then it hits you - does this matter? Well, you are on the right track because yes, yes it does.

Non-Verbal Communication is a Thing

The truth is that your body is giving up way more information than you realise and if a person is well aware of this he or she could use that to their advantage. For instance, as we mentioned above - crossed legs posture means that you aren't really open to meeting new people. This is why approaching a girl of this kind might not be the best idea. Of course, there are far more details than this, and you have to be taking the signs that the entire body makes in consideration in order to draw the right conclusions.

A Few Examples of Non-Verbal Communication

Eye-contact, posture even how people sit is capable of giving you enough information that should let you know whether it's even worth approaching the girl. For instance, if she has placed her arms inside her pockets and her purse is on the table it's highly likely that she doesn't feel comfortable in this particular environment.

These are both non-verbal signs that she is trying to create barriers around herself in order to prevent people from intruding in her personal space. This is incredibly helpful as it might allow you to use that particular vulnerability by using a smart pick-up line that might break the ice more appropriately.

Furthermore, when you see a girl that's making intense eye contact with you, brushing and swinging her hair, keeping her arms on the table at all times - this should be your green go-for-it light. This girl is clearly looking for contact, and her entire posture is giving it away. You should make sure to approach her, and it's likely that you would be successful.

Non-verbal communication isn't a hokum. This is a well-established scientific psychological, behavioural pattern that is studied by a lot of renowned professionals and thoroughly determined so far. It's something that might give you certain edge if you learn to identify behavioural patterns and to take advantage of what the body is saying.

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