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Young handsom man shaving in the mirror in a bathroom

New study reveals that nearly 50% of women are turned off by men who look like this.

Most people if they were to answer honestly will admit that they have a check list of preferences when they are looking for a date. It might be they are looking for somebody that's smart, funny tall, slim, good looking or have nice eyes.

So what exactly is it that women are attracted to? most men believe that a tidy grooming ritual will attract the single ladies. In reality it's a specific area of the male body that women hate to see men tidying. What is this area we hear you cry? It's not what you're thinking it is in fact the legs. So unfortunately for all you swimmers and cyclists this is going to come as a bit of shock to you.

Women's Health commissioned a survey of women and asked them the question, "What do you think about guys shaving their legs?"

The result was that 49.3% pf women said that they thought it was 'weird'. This was followed by 28.5% who said: "I don't like clean shaven but I do appreciate a man who trims leg hair down." On the contrary, 22.2 per cent answered: "It's awesome. I love a man with clean shaven legs."

So it seems that nearly 50% of women asked in the survey said they don't mind a man tidying his leg hair but only one in 5 said that they liked a man with totally smooth legs.

Looking at another survey by the journal of Evolutionary Psychology they discovered that along with having nice legs women rated a selfless concern for others as being high on the list of attributes needed when searching for a partner.

The survey uncovered the fact that women would be more likely to go for a guy if he was considerate but not hot looking rather than somebody that was handsome but not kind.

It was also noted that for a less good looking guy to become a more appealing long term partner all that was needed was for him to show off the selfless side of his personality.

The basic conclusion of all this study says that if you are looking to find a long-term partner you need to avoid shaving your legs and become a volunteer once or twice a week.

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